Internal Locus of Control

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You can use Information about Locus of Control to change lives for the better.
Locus of Control is not just a reliable, valid, widely used psychological construct that explains some important faucets of behavior - - a theoretical curiosity. NO!  NO!  NO!

You can utilize the 50+ years of research about Locus of Control to effectively and significantly improve your life and the lives of others.
You can teach others to become "Internals" and thereby enable them to experience
  - greater well being and happiness                       
  - more success in school and economic activities, 
  - superior cognitive functioning,
  - more motivation to complete tasks, perform well, and innovate,
  - better health,
  - and more!
These assertions are supported and validated by research linked through this website.

This website:

Provides select information about Locus of Control of interest to both causal readers and scholars

Locus of Control is defined and illustrated.

28 Locus of Control Measures with related data are  presented in a free download.
Julian Rotter's APA paper discussing the early history  of the locus of control construct is cited and linked.

A selected "crème de crème" paper offering a current  up-to-date overview is cited and linked.

More than 387 research studies documenting the  positive correlates of internal control are categorized, linked and presented in a free download.  

The selected information on  this website provides you with an excellent working understanding of the psychological construct "Locus of Control" appropriate for causal readers or for serious scholars.

This website also:

Tells you how to TEACH Internal Locus Of Control to others.

This website presents the book "Teach Internal Locus of Control"

This book
  • tells you exactly how to teach internal Locus of Control by teaching a six step behavioral strategy which enables your learners to effectively control their lives.
  • provides examples of ways in which you can teach internal locus of control to children, parents, employees, and health care workers.  
  • reports a research evaluation study that validates the effectiveness of this instructional process.

Read this book and you will be able to teach internal locus of control to others and thereby enable them to enhance their lives.

For more information about this book and how to obtain it, click on this link.

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