Internal Locus of Control

About the Author

Hi, I am Russ Hill, the author of "Teach Internal Locus of Control".  I think of myself primarily as an educator, as one who teaches learners how to improve their lives, achieve their dreams, and live in harmony with others.

I have been a secondary teacher, an Associate Professor at Temple University, an Assistant Dean for Educational R&D in the College of Education, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Regional Educational Laboratory located in Philadelphia.

My duties and responsibilities have included serving as the Director of the Intern Teaching Program at Temple University, a Teach America like program that pre-dates that program by 30 years. I have engaged in research and development in the fields of teacher behavior and programmed learning. At the Philadelphia Regional Educational Laboratory I had the opportunity to direct a program that examined psychological research and sought to develop educational applications for schools. This is where I developed and validated the Personal Achievement Strategy.

In addition to my educational activities I have been the CEO of a nonprofit corporation that rehabbed houses for low income buyers and I am the founder and president of a corporation to assist homeless families in Philadelphia. In the private sector I have been the president of a home building corporation and the owner and operator of a newspaper distribution company.

I hold a M. Ed. and an Ed. D. from Temple University and a graduate degree from Princeton University. I have been married for fifty years plus years and am now a widower. I am a father of four and a grandfather of nine. I live with gusto and energy on a New Jersey beach barrier island. I try to walk on the beach every day.

I am passionate about teaching internal control and I am working on several other kinds of educational programs such as how to teach "pro-active ethics". My personal motto, the one that I mutter to myself, is "CHARGE!"

Talk to me. I can be contacted at my email address, or at Facebook; teach internal control.
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