Internal Locus of Control

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We want to support you in teaching internal locus of control. Need help? Want to chat?

Informational PowerPoint Presentations tailored in consultation with you, are available for parents, teachers, and interested adult.  Suitable for groups of 25 to 50.

Workshops designed in consultation with you, that actively engage participants in learning to use the Personal Achievement Strategy.  Suitable for groups of 9 or multiples thereof. These workshops really engage the participants! They apply the strategy  and do things that are exciting and meaningful to them.

Seminars designed in consultation with you. Discussion designed to focus upon supporting research and theory and how it can be utilized. Suitable for groups of 14 +or -  4.

Training programs
designed in consultation with you for parents, interested adults, teenagers and children. Teenagers go for the training programs because they do stuff that they decide they really want to do.

Proposal development. Need help?
We will help you create a training or a research proposal to submit for funding. Quite possibly we will have ideas for funding sources.

Curriculum development: Do you want to explore incorporating the Personal Achievement Strategy into your school curriculum? Perhaps you might consider making it a focus of your instructional program as described in the section of Teach Internal Locus of Control entitled "School Applications" pages 149-156. We would be delighted to work with you.

Financial Cost

Initial consultation: No cost.

Presentations, workshops and etc. as described above: reasonable expenses plus the rate or stipend you would normally pay for these services.

For interesting and potentially seminal projects, COST WILL BE NO BARRIER.

Special Note to Trainers: If you are a trainer or consultant and are interested in presenting these ideas in workshops and training programs, we will help you with ideas, materials, designs, and leads. There is a market. Contact us.
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