Internal Locus of Control

Why should you want to teach Internal Locus of Control?

Based upon
cited research
Internals are individuals who:

Experience greater well-being.

Display more motivation to innovate, complete tasks, and perform well.

Exhibit superior cognitive functioning.

Are more successful in learning and academic achievement.

Exhibit more social and sociopolitical behavior.

Are more successful in work and economic activities.

Engage in healthier behaviors, are healthier, and live longer lives.

Are generally happier in all aspects of their lives.

Take responsibility for themselves and resist outside influences, both necessary precursors for moral behavior.
Being INTERNAL is power, it is freedom, and it is excitement!

It leads to self-improvement, to academic achievement, to better health, to worldly success, to significant accomplishment, to happiness, and to more.
A review of the psychological literature provides overwhelming documentation that those who exhibit internal locus of control will predictably exhibit these characteristic listed on the right.

The confirming references are included in hyper-link form in the free publication on the left. This is a must read, must have, for serious students of locus of control.

You can download this free publication by clicking on the the front page of the document on the right.  Check it out.

The book, TEACH INTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL tells you how to teach a six step behavioral strategy that enables your learners to act and think as Internals. You will immediately be able to teach others to be INTERNALS.

By utilizing this six-step behavioral strategy to successfully teach internal locus of control
you will enable and dispose your learners to experience and exhibit the desirable behaviors listed on the right.

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